What is Customer Avatar? How to create a customer avatar?

If you are planning to run a business, you might be struggling with a few questions like: How can you reach your clients/audience? How can you connect and how to start communication with them? How can you bind your clients/customers to read your message from beginning to the end so that they may trust you and you can grow? Definitely you might think these questions. We all think of this question. Even I was also having this until I attended my internship class about Digital marketing. Well, this is called creating a customer avatar and the class was on this topic. 

A customer avatar is nothing but a fictional character whom we consider and began to think about how can we reach to him based on demographic and psychographic. This really helps you to communicate, reach, and sell your services to him. 

In the class,  Sir Deepak Kanakaraju explained how we can create a customer avatar. I will tell you what I learned about it. Keep reading this article.

The first thing is communication. You have to communicate to do your business or to deliver your services to your clients in such a way that they feel you are talking only one person in your messages. No matter what you are writing to a large audience. You have to talk 1:1 not 1: many. Like you are reading this article and you might be feeling that I have written this article for you. Apart from this, you should use very simple and normal so that you may attach to your audience/clients personally. Always remember ” If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience” by Deepak Kanakaraju. 

The second thing is you must be Authentic in your conversation. People now fed up with boast talks and they like reality. You must be real and you must understand your customer’s needs. You join their mind conversation. You can directly ask the question like: How can you grow in your current job? This will attach more to your audience. But keep this in mind you have to write as if you are addressing only a single person. 

The third thing is who is a better marketer. A simple answer is A person who is having a great experience. If you have more experience, you can convince people easily or you will find a way how you can sell your services to your clients. So try to gain more experience in your niche. For this, as you have started learning digital marketing or whatever learning, just practice it Do it. You will gain experience and you can also teach to free someone. This way you will get more experience. 

Now comes, who is your Audience? You have to know and consider who you are targeting to sell your services or for your business. You can get the details based on demographic and psychogenic. 

The fifth one is, you must focus on the center, not on the border. Talk about a particular idea/thing in your messages, and keep this idea/thing in the center. Focus on the particular group whom you are going to target. Only then you can connect with them easily. 

Always remember Awkwardness is the sign that you are learning new things and growing. The more you learn and do, the more you find interesting it and gain confidence and grow. 

Now the important thing when it comes to How can you define your customers? There are two ways on which you define your customer –

  1. Demographic: such as age, gender, location, and country 
  2. Psychographic: such as likes, dislikes, fear aims, challenges. 

You will have to collect the data and do the survey as I did. Click here to see the form through which I did the survey. When you get the data, analysis it, and do the following what we have discussed till now. Doing the survey is the most important thing in creating a customer avatar. This is the thing that I learned in my internship class 2.

Now let me tell you how I did my survey. I created a Google Form.  Click here to see it. This survey helped me to find out my customer avatar. 

My first customer avatar’s description is as follows –

  • Name          Kapilraj 
  • Age             18-25
  • Gender        Male 
  • Income        1-2 lacs per year 
  • Location      Meerut 
  • Education    Undergraduate 
  • Job              A dancer 
  • Hobbies       Dancing, singing, and listening to music. 
  • Goal             He wants to become a good actor. 
  • Biggest achievement.     His parents

My second customer avatar’s description is as follows –

  • Name          Swati Thakur
  • Age             25-33
  • Gender        female 
  • Income        Prefer not to say 
  • Location      Chandigarh 
  • Education    Postgraduate 
  • Job              Looking for a good job 
  • Hobbies      Reading books, and listening to music 
  • Goal            Want to be self-dependent 
  • Biggest achievement.     Her parents

Through this survey, I was able to know about them and how can I communicate with them and deliver my services to both of them. You can also do it and create your own customer avatar easily.

these all are the things above that I learned in my internship class 2 of Deepak Kanakaraju. I hope in this article I was able to help you with how you can create the customer avatar and can grow. 

Thanks for reading 

Ravi Kumar 

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