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My First Internship Class

Have you ever thought to start your career in a different field from which you do not come? Have you ever imagined to do a job according to your time and your place? Have you ever thought to do something which lacks time and effort and can give you a great return in a short period of time? Of course! You have thought about it. So many times you have thought about it. Everyone today thinks all the above things that I have asked. 

There are two things about as you are reading this article. Either you have thought/tried it or not. If you have thought/tried the above things what I have asked, there are two things possible here –

1. Either you thought/tried and did but failed due to some reasons or you succeed in your attempts. 

2. If you have not thought/tried, you must be thinking to do so. 

I would like to say do not delay a single moment and just learn digital marketing from Deepak Kanakraju if you want to get all the things done what I have asked and fulfill your dreams. You can get it for free in just 25 videos here Just keep reading this article and very soon you would realize what and why I am asking to do so. 

I was fed up with my daily routine finding something new so that I may get a new perspective as well as to earn extra money. On 20th April 2020, I saw some ads about digital marketing on Facebook and went to YouTube to explore it. I was curious to join this. I searched for it on Google and found about it. I registered and since that day I am pursuing this course under Deepak sir guidance. You can also do as it is free and you can earn money as well while you are doing it with Deepak sir. 

I was thinking about how to start to learn it practically and then I attended a webinar from Deepak sir and found the internship program. This is wonderful programming designed by Deepak sir where you can learn by doing along with you can earn money while you are doing it. 

I attended the first internship class on the 16th of May. It cleared all my doubts about digital marketing and gave me some more ways how can I use this to build my career. One of the most favorite features of this class was it focused on how we can build personal branding. Well, if you like you can do freelancing, a part-time job, or do consulting your clients after doing it. 

For me, I am a maths tutor and I do not have any marketing background. I am supposed to do the simple job but after come across this program, I can do personal branding in my niche or do the job for extra income as freelancing or consulting 🙂 

You can do it also. 

In the first class, Deepak sir told me how can I use this to build my personal branding in my niche on social media like Facebook, Tweeter, and Instagram. How can I get a less time job and earn money? In this class, Deepak sir told me how everything is becoming digital. How marketing using technology to become digital marketing. He also discussed how to choose a particular niche and do research about it. What are the benefits of digital marketing and how one can reach his/her clients using social media?

 Moreover, the advantages of personal branding and how to get all these with the help of a funnel. Deepak sir also suggested that we can also sell the digital marketing course on social media as he is doing. 

He also talked about his dream to make 1 million digital marketing experts,importance of “Communication”, “Mass of trust” and “CATT”. He also advised reading some books to keep pace with the economy. 

Now, I have got a glimpse of how to get my skills on social media and make clients as well as to earn money. What are the steps that I will have to take to do it? 

The key thing about the digital marketing that Deepak sir told in the class is that digital marketing will never die as marketing will not die. So by now, you may have received what I am talking about. 

Now it is your turn how you choose your career to learn and earn in a very short period of time. 

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