How to use effectively and correctly in just 3 easy steps.

In thus article, I will tell you how to use effectively and correctly in just 3 easy steps for sending emails to our prospects and clients. You may have read the review of Snovio in the previous article. If you have not read the review, click here to read the review of Snovio. Now let’s learn how to use but before that, let me tell you about Prospects, and subscribers/clients. Prospects are those persons who might be our customers.Subscribers/clients are those persons who are our customers and the purchase of our prospects.

How to use effectively and correctly in just 3 easy steps, follow the below steps –

  • Add the Google Chrome extension of Snovio’s to your chrome 
  • Go to Google or LinkedIn or any platform and open a company’s or a person’s profile that you want to find Email. Click on Find Emails and Save.
  • Now, click on Snovio and wait for a few seconds. Now you get the Email of the company or person. 
  • Now click on send to prospects list and Open Snovio. Validate emails that you have found after the selection of email that you want to verify or click on verify the current Email list if you want to verify all emails. You will see the page like this-
  • Remember: Green icon means verified email, yellow icon means Snovio is not sure and blank shows unverified emails 
  • Now in the lists section, you can create a new prospects/email list if you like. 
  • You can also upload your own prospects list to whom you want to send the emails.

Now comes to send emails to your prospects/clients. Well, there are two options to send emails. One is Direct and the second is the Drip campaign. 

Direct: To send direct Emails, just select the list or email and you see the option send an email. Sending emails in this way is like you send emails from your personal email on your phone. 

The following picture shows how you can send the Direct Email-

Now click on Send Email you can send the email as you send from your phone. 

Well, I would suggest if you are using this kind of software, so you should use the Drip Campaign option to send emails. It will increase your experience in Drip Marketing. 

Drip Campaign: Drip campaign is the best way to send Emails and to do so just click on a Launch drip campaign. You will see the page like this –

You need to choose the email account first to send emails from the drip campaign, from which you want to send the email. For this, follow the below steps-

  • Then account
  • Click on the profile icon
  • Email accounts 
  • Click on the Add button and choose the email from which you want to send the emails.
  • You can also put the sender’s name, signature, messages limit, and delay in sending messages here. 

Left Sidebar: Campaign settings 

Now in the left sidebar give the name of the Campaign that you want to give. The email account from which you want to send emails. Now select All Emails and mark the features that you want to keep in the Drip Campaign. You can also set Campaign Duration of the campaign and you can also Schedule the campaign according to you.

In Right Side: Campaign Blocks

On the right side, you see Email, Trigger, Delay, and Goal. 

Middle: Campaign field

In the middle, you see the Start Block. You need to select the prospects list to whom you want to send the emails. Now launch the drip campaign accordingly. Just start the campaign by drag 

and drop blocks from the right side. 

As of now, you have made the drip campaign, now it’s time to fill the blocks by content that you will send. For this , just click any block and on the right side, you see the content box to fill. Write the content that you want to send your clients.

By now you may be getting the idea of how to use

You can click here to see how to launch a campaign.

Here is the picture of launching the drip campaign-

This way you can easily launch the drip campaign. Now you may be wondering how to check the drip campaign after launching it. Don’t worry keep reading my articles, in the next article I will show you how to overview view a drip campaign.

Many people find it difficult to and they wonder how to use I hope this article gave you the idea of how to use If you want to explore the Digital Marketing, I have written an article about it. Click here to read the article. Feel free to comment below. I will see you in another article. 

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