How to set up Facebook pixel code on a website

How to set up Facebook pixel code on a website in just 5 easy steps

How to set up Facebook pixel code on a website? If you run Facebook ads for your business or clients, Facebook pixel code plays a crucial role in it. You might also feel difficult like how to add Facebook pixel code on the website. Facebook pixel helps you to target a particular audience via Facebook ads. As everyone wants to increase the ROI in their business. For this, businesses run multiple types of ads on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, etc. If you are having any business, you may be also running Facebook ads. If you are a Digital Marketer, you must know how to set up Facebook pixel code on a website as Facebook ads play a great role in the Digital Marketing field. 

But before that, I tell you how to set up Facebook pixel code on a website, let me tell you what is the Facebook pixel code and how do facebook pixels work? 

What is a Facebook pixel? 

Facebook pixel is basically a Javascript code that you place on each section of your website. It helps you to target the visitors of your website via ads who have already visited your website. Let’s say if someone visits your website and he goes without reading the blog or purchasing any product, so you can target him and make remind him about your blog or product.

How does Facebook pixel work? 

Earlier Facebook had a custom audience pixel for retargeting those visitors who had already visited your website and conversion pixels for tracking conversions such as sales. You could create as many conversion pixels as you like for different pages of your website that you want to track. But in 2015 facebook simplified this process after they introduced a new Facebook pixel is a tracking pixel that you now need. It’s also update later in 2017. We can say that Facebook has made it very simple to use advertising and targeting people via Facebook pixel. One more thing, Facebook advertising is one the best way to reach your audience as everyone is on Facebook today. So it is very easy to reach the right person via Facebook ads. Now that you know what is a Facebook pixel and let’s jump the practical part of this article on how to set up Facebook pixel code on a website. 

Go to your Facebook ads account and open ads manager and click on Events Manage. After that click on create a data source –

Facebook pixel is very easy to install on the website. Just follow these steps and you will be able to set up a Facebook pixel.

Choose the web if you want to track website and app if you want to track the information of app.

After this, select Facebook pixel and connect

Now click on install code manually. If you have a developer you can also send h in the home the email instructions if you like-

Now copy the code, enable advanced matching, and add event code. Continue it. 

Facebook Pixel Coda

Now go to the WordPress dashboard. Then plugin. Click on install a new plugin. Then search for Header and footer plugin. Install it and activate it. Now place the code in the header section what you have copied already-

Now go to Google and search for Chrome facebook pixel helper extension. Add this to the Chrome extension-

Chrome Extension Of pixel helper

Now open any website and click on the Facebook pixel helper in the extension. It will show you the Facebook pixel is available at the website or not –

Pixel Is Ready At the website


In this way, you can easily set up the Facebook pixel and you can easily target your website visitors via Facebook ads. Facebook pixel plays an important role in your Facebook advertising and once you use this, you get to know all the features of the Facebook pixel. I hope you now you know How to set up Facebook pixel code on a website and you like this article. feel free to comment. I will see you in the next article.

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