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Snovio Review 2020: The best free email finder, tracker and validator marketing tool for begginers and professionals.

Email Marketing is one of the best perspectives on Digital Marketing. When it comes to lead generation, Snovio is the best free starter email marketing tool for beginners and professionals. 

This tool is easy to use and you can use this tool in B2B(Business to Business) or B2C(Business to Consumer) sending bulk messages. You can find more tools in the market but Snovio’s Email deliverability, validation, and tracking worth its value. If you are a beginner or a professional in Email Marketing, I personally recommend to use Snovio’s free plan or paid plan because I have been using this software in outreaching to my clients and sending bulk messages via drip campaign to my subscribers. 

So without further delay, let’s start exploring this software and I will tell you in this article the following –


  • What is Snovio? 

  • Snovio’s pricing,

  • Snovio’s features

  • Snovio’s reviews

  • Final thought. 


What is Snovio?  

Snovio is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to find the email address of any particular person like CEO, Director, or any High Authority Person in an organization. This software finds emails accurately, validates emails, and sends emails directly to the inbox. 

By using this tool, you can find any person’s or organization’s email on Google, LinkedIn, Tweeter, Facebook, a particular website, or any digital platform. 

When you send Emails by other software, they may go to spams or promotions. But Snovio makes you happy after sending emails directly to the inbox. 

Click here to add the Snovio Extension to Google Chrome.


Snovio’s Pricing

Snovio comes under the forever free plan as well as paid plans. This tool is best for beginners and professionals in the industry. The following is the pricing structure of Snovio –

  • XS (Forever Free) – 100 credits /month

  • S ($39/month) – 1,000 credits/month

  • M ($69/month) – 5,000 credits/month

  • L ($129/month) – 20,000 credits/month

  • XL Now let’s have a look of Snovio’s features as well

I would recommend using a free plan for experience and when you find it good, you can switch to a paid plan. If you choose an annual paid plan, you also get a discount on it.  


Get the Snovio for free here. 

Snovio’s features 

Now let’s have a look of Snovio’s features as well –


  • Technology Checker: Technology checker is a free Chrome extension and You can see what’s the technology is used by your competitor. Just open the website of your competitor and click the technology checker in chrome. Now you are able to see your competitor’s CMS, Marketing tools such as Analytics, Tag Manager, Programming Language, Payment Processor, etc. 

  • Email finding, Verification, and sending: You find emails from different sources, verify them in a blink of an eye. You send emails directly to the inbox by using this tool. It takes a very short time to do the above tasks. 

  • Domain Search: This option helps you to find an email from a particular domain. You can find bulk emails if you have a large number of domains to search. 

  • Company Search: You can get emails from a particular company in which you want to do a job or have a conversation with the CEO of that company or any particular department of that company. Just put the name of the company, industry, and city, you get verified Emails. 

  • Prospects Search: From Snovio’s database, you can search to find the Emails of prospects. This is an amazing feature of this tool. 

  • LinkedIn Search: LinkedIn is the best professional platform to find jobs and a particular industry. You just open any person profile and Snovio gives you the email of that person in a few seconds. 

  • Snovio’s Linker: If you are a recruiter, you can just enter the job type, skills, and location in it. Now you have a huge number of genuine candidates for you to hire.


Final thought:


Since we have discussed all features of Snovio and the best part is it comes with forever free plan also. So I would recommend using the free plan first so that you may get a glimpse of this software and after that, you may choose the paid plan. I believe you would not repent what you spend on the Snovio tool for your business. 

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